The main vehicle for training individuals to live as missionaries where they’re already doing life is a 6-month residency (think internship). There is no quitting school/work or moving to an unfamiliar place for the time of the residency. Although the term we use for participants is "resident," these men and women will not be living together. Since the purpose of Forge is to create missionaries, we encourage the residents to continue relationships with their neighbors, co-workers, and communities. A resident’s every day life serves as the learning lab or context for missionary formation.  

The missionary formation residency helps to mature each participant as a missionary disciple of Jesus Christ through personal relationships and action-reflection learning in a combination of one-on-one and collaborative learning environments. 

We believe the best learning happens in context - - in the places one lives, works, and plays. Because of this, Forge offers 2 types of missionary formation residencies: The Local Residency & The Online Residency

The Local Residency is ran across the country through Forge Hubs, which are found in local communities and in local churches. Forge Hubs are localized expressions of Forge America and each Hub runs an individual residency. Since we do not have local Forge Hubs in every city across the country, we offer an Online Residency through our Online Forge Hub. To see if there is a Hub near you or to find out more about the Online Forge Hub, follow the links below.

Local Hubs

Online Hub