Forge trains men and women to live as missionaries where they're already doing life.

The Forge Mission Training Network began in Victoria, Australia in 1996, launched by Alan Hirsch and Michael Frost as a response to the dire need for Christians to go into the world, amidst the many cultural changes, and actively engage others with the Message of Jesus. In 2010, Forge America began rolling out to various cities such as Dallas, Knoxville, Sacramento, and others, aiming to bring about a shift toward a paradigm in which every member of the body of Christ is participating in the mission of God. As a servant to local churches and as a partner to universities, seminaries, and mission organizations, Forge plays a role in re-imagining and re-shaping the Church to engage the not-yet-followers of Jesus. 

So, how do we differ from other mission training organizations?

Place matters, staying matters - God is already at work in the everyday spaces of our lives. The places we live and the people we live alongside are important. In fact, these are the places and people God has sent us to. It is here that Forge America wants to come alongside everyday individuals to empower and equip them to join God in His redemptive mission. We do not want to extract people from their context rather we want to come to them. We are not sending people over borders and across seas rather we are helping ordinary followers of Jesus realize they have already been sent to the places they live, work, or play. It is here in these places we want to empower and equip people to make a Kingdom difference. 

So whether you are a full time student, a stay at home parent, a business-man or business-woman, an artist, an architect, etc.; the learning comes to you.

This is why Forge America is made up of local Forge Hubs. Through these local Forge Hubs we offer localized in-context training that helps everyday men and women live as missionaries in the places they're already doing life. 

Walking with someone matters - Forge holds that relationships are the primary means of transferring leadership and influence and are, as such, indispensable in the training of missional leaders. Therefore each Forge Hub offers a 6 month residency (we use the term residency because the learning happens where you reside) in which our residents (think participants) are matched up with mentors that they will meet with regularly. These mentors, what we call “coaches”, are there to walk with them through the 6 month formation process of breaking old paradigms and shaping new ways to see God, our neighbors, and ourselves.

Doing & being matters, not just writing & speaking - Sure some write books, speak at conferences large and small, but first and foremost, the people in leadership at the national and local level of Forge, are involved in the trenches of mission. They are leaders of housing associations, members of the city chamber of commerce, kindergarten classroom parents, pastors, non profit founders, first responder trauma workers, sexual health counselors, mailmen, and more - and what they all have in common is, “We commit to stay engaged in God’s mission in our neighborhood and community, to remain teachable, and to keep the posture of a learner throughout!

Forge is about slowly changing a posture & a paradigm, not adding new models and programs. We are about stirring imaginations, not simply dispensing theological information.