Our Forge Online Hub offers a missionary formation residency and is connected to our larger movement. Forge Online was formed to offer missionary training to individuals who are not in proximity to a Local Forge Hub. Our Online Forge Hub has a team of volunteers that partner with local churches, organizations, and colleges to empower and equip everyday men and women to join God in His redemptive mission in the places they're already doing life.

The Approach

We invite the participants (or residents) on a 6-month learning journey to explore the essential paradigms for missionary formation & practices of mission discipleship and sustainability. On this journey, the group of participants are offered peer to peer learning environments, learning from missionary practitioners from around the world, coaching, and a learning pathway filled with the most up to date content & curriculum.

The Participants

Who are the people best-suited for the online residency? The Forge training experience is designed for anyone—a bishop or a bartender, a mechanic or a mom. 

A resident could be someone who...

  • Burns to see lives transformed outside the walls of the local church.

  • Desires to be trained to understand and live a mission-shaped way of life.

  • Wants to be a revolutionary follower of Christ right in their own neighborhood.

  • Feels a sense of calling, but doesn't necessarily feel called to conventional vocational ministry or seminary.

The Costs

  • $800 total for 6 months of training and coaching.

  • Payment plan can be made available if needed.

  • You can register as an individual or as a group.

  • The cost includes:

    • An online learning pathway filled with the most up to date content & curriculum. Includes a resource library with hours of video & audio resources and a hosts of articles, pdfs, and ebooks 

    • 6 interactive training sessions with innovative teaching from widely recognized leaders

    • Monthly coaching with leaders and practitioners from around the country

    • Peer-to-peer learning environments designed to be intimate, conversational learning experiences

Next cohort begins September 11th, 2018. Begin the journey by applying now!