Geoff & Sherry Maddock

Geoff & Sherry are urban missionaries and micro-farmers in Lexington, Kentucky.  They are passionate about practicing a theology of place with a special concern for local food justice.  They encourage Christians to embrace mission wherever they are “placed” locally not just in global generalizations, to live as neighbors, not just church members, and to take an interest in broader issues of justice and ecology, not just individual salvation. They urge anyone who will listen to walk, plant, bake and shop locally as expressions of neighborliness. They published “Sowing Seeds of Shalom in the Neighborhood” (available on Amazon for Kindle).  It is the first briefing paper from the Summit of the International Society for Urban Mission (ISUM) and offers theological frameworks, principles, disciplines and practical suggestions for urban dwellers that want to be involved in the work and joys of neighborhood transformation.  They have a son (12yrs) named Isaac.