Introduction:  Forge was birthed out of a cultural crisis. What has happened in Europe and Australia is now happening in America. More and more individuals are disconnected and disinterested in church as we know it. There are many significant cultural barriers to effectively communicating the gospel and we must rethink whether or not our current methods are as effective as they once were. Understanding the cultural crisis is essential if we hope to have a lasting paradigm shift and a new lens for living out our faith.



  • In the next two weeks, engage at least one person from your community who you do not know. Ask him or her, "How have you seen the culture in this community change in recent years?" Record their answer.   


  • Reflect on your learnings from this week. Also, take time to reflect on the ways in which you have seen your current context change. Look around your community and listen to your community. How has the culture changed in the places you live? 
  • Observe people in your neighborhood. What type of life do those in your community live? What clues do they give about why they live as they do? Journal your observations.

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