Forge 1 Day BIVO Training - Indianapolis, IN

  • Shepherd Community Center 4107 East Washington Street Indianapolis, IN 46201 USA


Saturday, June 25, 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

The Church in the West is under incredible change.  Every denomination is in decline and church attendance continues to struggle.  In line, everything that hangs on the present consumeristic approach to Christendom will and must morph. The Gospel came to us through fully paid, barely paid, and mostly non-paid saints. The future of Kingdom life and ministry depends on God’s people to find creative pathways for leveraging all of life into one calling. BiVO is a framework to help you find this leverage point whether you are a marketplace leader or ministry leader.  Join us for this one-day workshop as missional practictioner, Hugh Halter offers the Bivo option.

Key Concepts:

  • Business for Mission & Mission for business
  • How to start a church without any money
  • How to keep church cheap so that you and your people stay on mission
  • 5 Knacks for BiVO leaders
  • Mammon/Manna/Money
  • Deconsumerizing discipleship
  • What is Church and How does God build it?
  • Where leaders must spend their precious time?
  • Incarnational Evangelism 

Who should attend?

  • Church planters who want to enjoy the church planting process.
  • Pastors who are currently bi-vocational and those considering this option.
  • Pastors who want to fight against the prevailing consumer-non-discipleship orientation.
  • Those who wish to lighten the load, finding out of the box ideas to make church cheaper.
  • Business leaders who feel called full time to kingdom work 


Hugh Halter

Hugh Halter Bio: 

Hugh is a church planter, pastor, consultant, and missionary to the US. He is the U.S. Director of FORGE America, an apprenticing community committed to train men and women to live as missionaries where they already are. He is author of The Tangible Kingdom, AND…the gathered & scattered church, TK Primer, BiVO, Sacrilege, FLESH and Brimstone.  Hugh speaks extensively around the world to laity and leaders. He is an advocate for disoriented God seekers and loves to inspire and re-orient leaders around incarnational mission in any form of church. He has three adult children and now lives in Alton, IL with his wife Cheryl. You can find Hugh at and 



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