Church Hubs are Forge Hubs based within the context of the local church. Each church based hub offers a missionary formation residency and is connected to our larger movement, while yet free to engage their context in training and equipping in a way that connects best to their place. The Forge Hub provides the local church with significant resources to train individuals to live as missionaries.

The Partnership

We seek to establish Forge Hubs in communities and in churches across the country. We believe the local church is the ideal setting for missionary training and formation. The partnership with Forge provides the local church with the resources, tools, and network to assist in the missionary formation of everyday men and women to the places they are already doing life. Also, this partnership assists the local church in catalyzing missional movement in and through the congregation and community at large

The Benefit

This partnership provide many benefits to the local church:

  • A national & international tribe including

    • Relationships & Friendships

    • Shared learnings

    • Shared resources

  • Access to Thought Leaders & Practitioners From Around the World

  • An Online Curriculum & Training Tools

  • Ongoing Coaching & Consulting & Shepherding

  • And More!

To learn more about launching a Church Based Forge Hub follow the link below.