Forge Team

A Look at 2014: A Christmas Blessing from Kim Hammond

What a year 2014 has been! I never dreamed that January 4th I would be in an ambulance on the way to the same hospital where my son Carter was diagnosed with and treated for Leukemia. It was one of the hardest things I have ever gone through. You all showed what a tribe that shares life really looks like. The outpouring of love from you all meant the world to me. I will never forget all of your prayers and messages. The Culbertsons coming in and doing communion with me. The Chicago team bringing in paintings of hands of prayer. Jeremiah set up “” Laura Hairston with the Gilmores fighting the snow to come be with Maria and I in the hospital. Then Ryan came and stayed, then Brad Brisco and Lance Ford, then Geoff Maddock. The entire working group of Forge America flew to Chicago in the middle of snow storms to support me. That's a tribe that shares life. 

It took nine months of recovery and rest, with Chemotherapy every day, a month on and a month off. I had 25 blood transfusions and several painful biopsies. I had to take a complete break from leading for a few months. What was so encouraging for me was that the tribe stood up. The working groups and team in America and International both took on more responsibility and Forge continued to join God at work. That's a tribe that has a strong commitment to their DNA. Maria and I and the boys love you all and are so grateful for the way you supported us. Looking back over this year, these old posts brought tears to my eyes as I read your words of love.  

There are many things to be grateful for in 2014. From Tyler, New Jersey, Middletown, Seattle, Minneapolis, Louisville, all the way to Sydney AustraliaForge Scotland had its first National conference, AJ and Cynthia opened BREW. John and Jeri Taylor went on a tour of a bunch of hubs. We officially launched our partnership with Christian Associates, plus partnerships with Asbury and Johnson Universities. In our Forge line, I co-wrote a Sentness with Darren Cronshaw, which made it to 140 on Amazon because our tribe supported the project in such a powerful way. Our line also published Incarnate by Michael Frost and Dwell by Barry Jones (the winner of the Great Forge Write Off), and Lance Ford also released his new bookRevangelical to much applause. We hosted a fantastic Sentralized Conference in Dallas. Along with our 18 hubs in America, Forge International is growing as well--Forge Germany and England will be coming on line in 2015 to join Canada, Scotland, Russia and Sydney. Churches and individuals increasingly are looking to be trained and and be part of our network and tribe. 

As we continue to grow across America and the globe, remember we are one tribe in seven countries. Movements are held together by people who share life and a common DNA. Merry Christmas to our tribe in America and across the globe. We love you very much. 

Holding you in our heart, Kim and Maria Hammond and the Forge America team. 

Kim Hammond is the National Director for Forge America. Kim Recruits men and women across the country to train others to be missionaries in their neighborhoods, by way of telling some amazing stories. He still hopes to make the NBA day.