What We Know Matters Very Little If We Cannot Put It Into Practice. Let "Dynamic Adventure" Help Get You Started.

My name is Jack Wolfe and I lead Forge Atlanta Hub where we focus primarily on church planting. I also serve Communitas (a Forge partner) as Southeast Regional Director of the North American Advancement Team.  My wife, Stephanie, and I have been pioneering ministries for over thirty years. Now, we are empowering people to follow the passion in their hearts to “do church” in whatever missional way is organic to their context.

I’m excited to announce that I’m using a great resource “Dynamic Adventure” to offer a quick-start format to deliver this material.  Curated out of 50 years of ministry in Europe, it is endorsed by our good friend Alan Hirsch who states,

“I love what my sisters and brothers at Communitas International are doing to train and develop church planters and missionaries in the incarnational mode. The material articulated here has been worked out through decades of experience in the white-hot context of mission in the toughest places in Western Culture. We do well to pay attention and learn from them.”

The 6 Dynamics: Embed, Initiate, Practice, Mature, Hub, Extend.

Each one-day session will cover these 6 unique dynamics and will be applicable for ministry teams, church planting teams, as well as ministry leaders. This is conversational material filled with over 50 practical exercises to help you explore the 6 Dynamics and learn to apply the results to your unique context. 

I am offering a one day 6-hour workshop experience that will introduce these 6 Dynamics - allowing you to see how Dynamic Adventure helps get you beyond the conversations, to application and then…to the traction you desire to see in your own ministry.

To Bring This One-Day Training To Your City, We Need:

  1. A host church or site
  2. A small team to facilitate an event up to 90 people

Cost for the day is $39 per head. If you can secure underwriting to make it more affordable, we encourage that as we don’t want anyone left out because of money.

This is not a workshop that is filled with slogans for your office wall, but tactical ideas that make your dreams visible. If you would like to host a 6-hour “Dynamic Adventure” in your city, simply contact me at jwolfe@gocommunitas.org.