Your church already has what it takes to bring God's goodness to your city.

How would you respond if the mayor of your city said to you what she said to a group of pastors in her city: “From the city’s perspective, there isn’t a noticeable difference in how Christians and non-Christians neighbor in our community.” 

How would you respond if the Chief of Police of your city said this to you: "For 80% of the calls we receive, people do not need a uniformed officer, they need a neighbor."

Is the greatest opportunity to impact your community sitting on the sidelines?

The members of your church are doing life everyday in the harvest field. Help them see the opportunities and resources already at their disposal. Join us for a fun but productive day of interactive training for your church staff, small group leaders, lead teachers, or any everyday believer for in-depth learning in the what, why, and how's of developing a neighboring culture. 

Bring a group to a Next Door As It Is In Heaven workshop. You and your friends will be inspired and trained to impact the places of your life with the good news and good works of the Kingdom of Heaven.

  • Awaken Imagination—Mix "I can do that!" stories and examples, along with proven principles and practices, and your folks will open their lives up like never before. 
  • Recognize Opportunities—Learning to align our lives with God's purposes will help your church see and act upon possibilities in new and creative ways.
  • Everyone Plays—As your church members engage the places they live, work, and play, your team has increased exponentially and so has your reach.

Discover how easy it is to ignite a vision and passion in your church members for your city.

If you would like to host a 6-hour Next Door As It Is In Heaven workshop in your city contact Lance Ford at  All we need is: 1) a host church or site, 2) a small team to facilitate an event up to 90 people.  Forge will set up a registration site and link so everything else is taken care of.  Cost for the day is $39 per head.  If you can secure underwriting to make it more affordable we encourage that as we don’t want anyone left outside because of money.