Forge Pre-conference At Exponential

Join us this April for the Forge Pre-conference at Exponential with Alan Hirsch, Brad Brisco, Deb Hirsch, Hugh Halter, Lance Forge & Rob Wegner! The pre-con will not only be a great time of training, but it will provide a wonderful opportunity to to get to know who Forge is. 

This Missional Precon will provide a comprehensive overview of missional DNA, practices, missional community, and resources you will need to move people back into a genuine engagement with the mission of God. If you are planting this is a must orientation based on the American missionary context, but we will also be contextualizing the missional paradigm for pastors hoping to transition existing congregations. Our team includes Alan & Deb Hirsch, Hugh Halter, Brad Brisco, Lance Ford and Rob Wegner who heads up our Future Travelers process for existing churches. 

Discount available! Use code: forge16