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Join Us for our Upcoming Forge Hub Training!

Forge America dreams to see everyday men and women empowered and equipped to join God in His mission in the places they are already doing life.

We believe that the best place to equip people for mission is not in a classroom, but rather in the context of their everyday lives. As Alan Hirsch says, “It is impossible to learn mission apart from the context of mission,” which why we choose to bring missionary training to people in local spaces through local Forge Hubs.

Currently there are 17 local Forge Hubs scattered around the country, training men and women to live as missionaries where they are already doing life. We invite you to participate in this growing movement. If you are interested in seeing missionary training for everyday people brought to your community, we'd love for you to attend our Forge America Hub Training

This is a required event for those who want to launch and lead a Forge Hub in their community. We also invite those who simply want to learn more about the ministry of Forge America. If this interests you, please consider joining us this month in Kansas City. This is a fantastic chance to spend time with members of the Forge America Team and some current Hub leaders from across the country.

Click here for more information or to sign up.

About the Author
Ryan Hairston works to extend missionary training across the country through local forge hubs and loves bbq more than any man should.