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Incarnate: The Body of Christ in an Age of Disengagement

I know it has been said there are no new ideas under the sun, and “there’s no end to the publishing of books”. And for that I thank God, because Michael Frost has once more put pen to parchment (or fingers to keys?) in his newest paradigm shifting declaration, “Incarnate”.

Beautifully expressed, this ancient, though timely and much needed idea of how vital it is for us to live incarnately in this increasingly excarnate world is brought to a new generation hungry for these radical reflections.

By giving practical steps each of us can easily and immediately put into practice, Michael speaks to our deeper longings—our “sehnsucht”—and how those desires are God-created and glorious. As Christ followers, we are meant to incarnately live out a “serene but active” trust in God, which Michael rightly states is a powerful force.

He ends with an encouraging challenge to never give up on the fight for the Kingdom, for “we have tasted the truth, and we cannot get the taste out of our mouths. We cannot go back, only forwards.” Further up and further in, my dear comrades…"

Bex Barton is a broken, loved pixie wayfarer who spends her days writing, creating, and living life to the fullest. She lives in Chicago with her wonderful husband and three healthy (somewhat sane) children, where she does her best to live and breathe mission into the forgotten corners of her city.