And the ideas became flesh

Photo by the talented

Photo by the talented

As one of our Hub Directors says, Forge's goal as an organization is to come alongside everyday people to empower and equip them to be the Good News to those around them. Ordinary people invited into God's extraordinary mission, this is what fuels us! And when ordinary people are empowered, watch out, because this is when movement happens. I think the New Testament says a bit about this, right?

Here's a few lines from someone who recently completed the Forge Dallas Residency- a 9 month experience to train people to live as missionaries in their neighborhoods:

The people of Forge put flesh on what were only ideas. By that I mean to say that I found a group of people that were willing to follow Jesus into the world. They were willing to bring the Gospel of Christ to those who may never enter through the doors of a church building. They were willing to seek out the broken and engage them right where they were, whether in the neighborhood, the pub, or the workplace. What I found through the Forge residency was a group of Christ followers who had left the status quo of the American Church and stepped into the world with all of it’s mess. I found a tribe that was willing to admit their shortcomings and imperfections, a tribe that was okay with hard questions. The Forge residency has expanded my view of the Gospel. It has allowed me to see people as worth pursuing and equipped me with a gospel fluency that allows me engage the lost and broken. We started the Forge residency feeling frustrated and burnt out. We graduated a few weeks ago feeling equipped, empowered, renewed, and a part of a tribe that despite it’s imperfections, was willing to follow Jesus in his mission to seek and save the lost.

Interested in joining a hub for the next 9 month residency? Visit our National Hubs page to find if one is happening near you!

You can read even more about this reflection at the online home of Forge Dallas.