Why We Do What We Do: Part 1

Catch a glimpse of a conversation with two of our National Team Members, Ryan Hairston and Deb Hirsch, as they discuss the starting, ending, and middle point for Forge- the Second Person of the Trinity, Jesus of Nazareth.

Our first in a series of five videos begins a journey to discover the non-negotiables, the pillars, the vital elements of Forge's mission as we engage in training men and women to live as missionaries in the neighborhood. We want to recapture and continue to proclaim the most subversive three words in all of the Roman Empire during the 1st Century- "Jesus is Lord!"

In the midst of a today's never-stopping flow of ministry models, methods, and agendas, starting with Jesus at the absolute center of our movement pushes us to have Him inform every area of our work.

As a parting shot, how would you respond to Deb's pointed question towards the end, "How am I living out Jesus in the neighborhood...and how is my relationship with Him impacting everything I do?"

Hope you enjoy our first of five beautiful videos!