3, 2, 1...LIFTOFF!

Maybe you've been there.

That feeling you have after working many months on something.

Rebuilding some more.
And then yet another sip of coffee...

That's what our talented marketing team, scattered across the US, has been doing up until this point. And now, after many months, we are *thrilled* to invite you in and show you around a place we are very proud to call our online home. 

It's strangely close to that feeling of spending hours and hours putting together an IKEA bookshelf, putting it in the corner of the room, neatly stacking the books on the shelves, and then slowly taking a deep breath in as you bask in the living room glow of completing a major project. Sure, it's only three shelves attached to a few vertical slats of composite wood, but still, accomplishment comes in a variety of forms, right? :)

And so, we say with a deep breath, WELCOME! Come on in. We're genuinely and incredibly glad you're here. This is a place we're pretty proud of. What do you think, would you help spread the word with us?

As a team, and as the Forge tribe scattered around six continents, we will be continuing to deliver beautiful, compelling, and valuable content to engage, equip, and encourage you on a Missio Dei shaped life. Join us and begin to hear our core message-

You've Already Been Sent.