Thanksgiving with part&parcel Magazine

Remember when you were a kid and Aunt Mildred made everyone gather at the table to say what they were thankful for? And you weren’t allowed to eat before? Total torture as a ten-year-old, gratitude inducing as an adult. We have reinstated this tradition for our little family and those who join us at Thanksgiving (and sometimes on a Tuesday), and have found that it’s a natural way to praise the Lord in front of other people. We recognize that all good things come from Him (James 1:17) and that through the less-than-good times, He was our ever-present help (Psalm 46:1).

Will you be inviting any of your neighbors to your Thanksgiving table this year? Invite the Spirit to write your guest list. I encourage you to pray for eyes to see those around you that would most benefit from sharing a meal with your family. Maybe they are hurting or lonely with no family close by. Maybe they have been scorned by the church at some point, and it could be eye opening for them to see love in action within your family. 

Now, unless you are inviting a teenage boy, your guests will ask what they can bring. Ask them to bring a family favorite side dish. You just might get to hear the story behind it and how much Grandma Lou meant to them growing up. 

As for the menu, don’t get lost on Pinterest! Don’t think you have to create pilgrim shaped place cards or "homemade everything" on your table. (I attached a meal plan at the bottom, if you'd like help.) Plan in such a way that you can be an available host when your guests arrive. 

As they come into your home, greet them at the door, so they know you’ve been eagerly expecting them and that you’re so happy to have them there. We are displaying Jesus’ inclusivity into the Kingdom of heaven when we welcome them in this manner. 

As you sit down to eat, and after you follow Aunt Mildred’s rule, look around the table at those who have joined you today. Imagine sitting with these very same people at the banquet God is planning for those who love Him!

Be intentional with the bonds and budding friendships that are created today. Sharing a meal is a powerful thing. 


If you need any help planning a menu, click on the link below to find all of the recipes 

from our Thanksgiving photoshoot from Issue 1. 

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