The Moments that Lead to Movement

Breaking bread together at this weekend's Forge Sacramento intensive

Breaking bread together at this weekend's Forge Sacramento intensive

Over the past few weeks I have been overwhelmed with story after story of how people in Forge hubs are moving from being convinced for the need of a missional-incarnational posture to reorienting their lives to express those new convictions. It is becoming increasingly clear that God is doing something very special in and through this tribe.

It is amazing to consider what has occurred with Forge America in just five short years since the Hammonds moved to the United States. There is tremendous movement taking place through the activities of existing hubs, the development of new hubs that will be launching in the next several months, the online training site created by Ryan Hairston, the strategic partnership with Christian Associates, the published works from Forge authors, and the incredible thought leaders and practitioners that are associated with the tribe.

Further there is a wonderful array of new possibilities that are in the works, including Apostolic and APEST training, an online cohort, a Third Place forum, growth of Forge international, and the partnership with Sentralized regionals. God has positioned Forge to play a significant role in influencing pioneering mission and at the same time provoking existing congregations to engage God’s mission more fully.

There are so many aspects of the culture of this tribe that seem so right, from top notch “curriculum,” to people, to the right decentralized, people-empowering "structure" of Forge. We must keep pushing the envelope on the importance of context, mission, the role of women, an Unleader posture, recalibrating back to Jesus, missional discipleship, the importance of place, and fresh expressions of church. I really believe that God has given this tribe an incredible gift that we must steward well.

I simply want to encourage the work everyone is doing in their local contexts, but I also want to encourage you to see the vital part you are playing in the broader tribe. While I am incredibly grateful for the “founding” work Alan, Deb and Mike did many years ago in Australia, the way that God led Alan and Deb to move to the states, and the subsequent move by the Hammonds, we also need to recognize that Forge is not one person, or even a particular group of leaders. Instead it is ALL of us. I hope you get a sense this week of the incredible things God is doing in and through this tribe and how God will multiply the influence of Forge as many other like-minded men and women join us on the journey.

About the Author

Brad Brisco works with both the curriculum and finance teams to ensure Forge's ability to provide the world's best missional training, and he hasn't eaten beef for over thirty years.